1. What is stress? Stress is the physiological or psychological response you make to an external event or condition called a stressor. Stress is a response to our environment. The consequences of stress is the following: hypertension, ulcers, diabetes, headaches. sexual problems, and coronary heart disease.

2. What is negative stress? excessive daydreaming, anxiety, hostility, change in appetite, accident proneness, apathy, forgetfulness, apathy, forgetfulness, fatigue, irritability, and stuttering .

3. What is good stress? With eustress, you feel a sense of satisfaction, perhaps even having accomplished challenging goal. Overall, eustress is necessary in your life.

4. What is stress in the workplace? Problems with other people; performance pressures, overwork; boredom. Having a type A personality; impatient, intolerant, and strive for perfection and success. You can defeat stress by taking personal responsibility of your own problem.

5. What is stress and the law enforcement officer in the workplace? Police officers often resist counseling for several reasons. Frequently, they have a strong sense of self-sufficiency and insist that they can solve their own problems. When mental health professionals start to work with law enforcement officers, they soon discover that the officers evaluate them as much  as they evaluate the officers. Side effects of traumatic events might surface at home in the form of anger, depression, frustration, grief, insecurity, confusion, and disillusionment. Family members frequently become the convenient targets of officers' misplaced emotions.

6. What is leadership in the workplace? Leadership in the workplace is significant in today's business community. There are many definitions for leadership. My definition of leadership is a person who solves problems. One who is empathetic. One who takes charge and takes responsibility. One who sets an example for others to follow. Hans writes about professional happiness in his book. Happiness might be defined as doing something one loves, with excellence. As a person with type A personality, I am aggressive, hard driven, impatient, intolerant, and strive for perfection and success at almost any cost without fail. It is for that reason that I completed my Ph.D.; worked for long hours, was divorced several times, and raised three children alone with one wife. I, in my past life, was a bureaucrat. I was an educator, law enforcement worker in every area of the criminal justice system. Today, I am an Assistant Sociology Professor, writer, administrator, manager, and a vanguard for new ideas to assist an ever-changing organizational workplace. To me, leadership is the ideal leader who supports and leads his subordinates. He gives orders and takes them, he gives constructive criticism to his unit of command.

7. Prayerful Affirmations to cogitate stress and leadership: Call on, implore, appeal to, entreat, beg petition. Persistent, tenacious, reserving, determined, resolute, purposeful, dogged, single-minded; tireless, indefeasible.

8. Success through positive thinking. Affirmations " In times of despair one must possess passion, responsibility, and empathy to forgo obstacles confronted with in life." "You are whom you consort with." ---Mel Mahone, Ph.D. A call for new leaders: Anyone who is honest with himself realizes that he has been happiest and most satisfied after having successfully completed a difficult task. A leader is the person who can help others overcome any challenge. A leader is the person who shows by example that any job is worth doing well. A leader is the student who studies to learn, and not just receive a grade. A leader is the neighbor who sets a positive example in his or her community. A leader is the employee who has the sense to realize that he gets the most out of any job by giving loyalty and dedication to the firm that pays his wages.

9. How can you become a leader? Easy, fix your eye upon your goal. Visualize it every ounce of your being, and courageously set out toward it.Know and have faith what should come to you will come to you. Everything in the universe works on the side of the person who works within nature's laws.

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