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Dr. Mahone

Entrepreneur, Author, dad and motivational speaker, Ph.D, FAIS

I am a fulltime Assistant Sociology Professor, at Paine College in Augusta,Georgia. I graduated with a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice with a Special Emphasis in Corrections at Union Institute and University, in Cincinnati in 2002.  I am a member of the Augusta Toastmasters, Club 326.  I started working in criminal justice in 1972, as a Federal Protective officer for GSA.I was employed for the Bureau of Prisons as a Correctional Officer and Correctional Treatment Specialist. I then went on to become a Florida State Probation and Parole Officer in 1982. After that I worked briefly as a Illinois State Parole Agent. I started working as an Investigator for a private law firm as a Process Server. After that I was employed as a Mental Health Worker, and as a Drug Counselor. I then went on to be employed as a Social Services Career Trainee for the state of Illinois.I was a Resident Advisor briefly.

After training for the above positions in criminal justice, I then started teaching at a multiplicity of colleges and universities. I was in management at Taylor Business Institute, in Chicago, Illinois as a Dean. I was a Coordinator in Criminal Justice at Olympic College, in Bremerton, Washington. I then went on to become employed at various colleges and universities as an Adjunct Professor before becoming employed at Paine College. I was a full-time Associate Professor in Criminal Justice, at University of the Cumberland’s, in Williamsburg, Kentucky before being employed at Paine College fulltime.

I started GM&M Motivational Speaking & Training in 2011.  AIS- Dr. Melvin Mahone is a Fellow and a Contributing Editor for the American Institute of Stress Combat Stress and Contentment Magazine. I educate my consumers about the two books that I published: Coping With Stress and Building Leadership: One Man’s Journey. I wrote and published my second book Prison Privatization in America: Costs & Benefits. I speak on other subjects on how to conduct yourself when stopped by a policeman in traffic. I speak on the platform of the Small Business Administration: How to start a business. I also speak on Bullying and Cyber-Bullying. I contribute with no charge to the Richmond County Public Schools motivational speaking on bullying. I do keynote speaking. I do breakout speaking sessions on various conversational sessions on different topics.

There was a need in society for my speaking business and the books that I wrote. I conduct motivational speaking on the books that I wrote. I wrote the prison privatization book because of a need for someone in private industry to speak out at critics about Core Civic Company. I did my dissertation on prison privatization. I composed research from 499 private citizens and how they had to answer 11 critical question asked in interviews, I maintained that the social impact of having privatized prisons should engender a better quality of life for the inmate and the public.

I now make my home in Grovetown, Georgia with my wife Patricia Mahone.

Building leadership the right way is the only way

Dr. Mel Mahone Ph.D, FAIS




PhD 2002

Criminal Justice with a Special Emphasis in Corrections

Union Institute and University, Cincinnati Ohio

Dissertation: “What are the Economic Feasibility and Social Impacts Of

Privatized Prisons In America”

Advisors: Dr. Michael Kane, Dr. George Taylor


Post-graduate work                                                               1979-1997

I completed post-graduate credit semester hours beyond a Master’s degree in management, personnel administration, industrial relations, organizational development, criminal justice & corrections, public administration, training & development, information systems, history, curriculum & instruction, business law, and par legalism for a total of sixty (60) Credits beyond a Master’s degree at Roosevelt & Chicago State Universities in Chicago, Illinois.  


MS Degree

Graduate Degree in Corrections 1977

Chicago State University, Chicago IL.


BS Degree 1975

Major: Sociology/Individualized Curriculums

Chicago State University, Chicago, IL.


Experience: Teaching & Advising


Paine College

Assistant Criminology/Sociology Professor, (January 2016 – Present)

Courses Taught:  Criminology, Deviant Behavior, Cultural Anthropology, Demography, Research Methods, Juvenile Delinquency, Sociology of Aging, and Sociology Theory. I served as an Academic Advisor, Paine College Sociology Club Advisor, and N.A.A.C.P. Advisor. Serve on the Institutional Review Board (IRB).


University of the Cumberlands, Williamsburg, KY

Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice (2011-2014)

Courses Taught:  Corrections, Criminology, Juvenile Delinquency, Terrorism,

Ethics, White Collar Crime and Student Advisor, Criminal Justice Department

Sullivan University, Louisville, KY

Adjunct Criminal Justice Professor, Part-time (2010-2011)

Course Taught:  Juvenile Delinquency, Corrections and Terrorism

Taylor Business Institute, Chicago, IL

Dean and Professor of Criminal Justice, (2008-2009)

Managed day-to-day operations of the Criminal Justice Department and

Instructor for several courses, including Terrorism, White Collar Crime, Intro

To Criminal Justice, Corrections and Criminal Law

Aspen University, Denver, Colorado (Online Instructor)

Criminal Justice Professor Part-time (2008-2009)

Courses Taught:  Intro to Criminal Justice, White Collar Crime and




Brown Macky College, Michigan City, Indiana

Adjunct Criminal Justice Professor, Part-time (2009-2009)

Courses Taught:  Introduction to Criminal Justice

Olympic College, Bremerton, Washington

Coordinator of Criminal Justice & Assistant Professor (2005-2007)

Courses Taught: Terrorism, Community Policing and Relations, Intro

To Criminal Justice, Intro to Probation and Parole, Intro to

Corrections as well as Student  Advisor

Governors State University, University Park, IL

Adjunct Criminal Justice Part-time, (2003-2005)

Courses Taught:  Research Methods, and White Collar Crime

Chicago State University, Chicago, IL

Adjunct Criminal Justice Professor Part-time (1997-2008)

Courses Taught:  Corrections Law, Intro to Corrections, Community

Based Corrections


Employment Experience


Part-time Investigator/Process Server

Luther Spencer and Associates Law Firm, Maywood IL

• Investigated Civil and Criminal cases

• Processed Subpoenas


Consultant (Jail Division) and Technical Resource Provider

National Institute of Corrections, Longmont Colorado

Served on an on call basis and provided direction in training, development, education, vocational counseling, teaching, communication, and organization skills in corrections and criminal justice.


Substitute Teacher-Special Education (type 39 teaching certificate)

Various school districts: Chicago, Calumet City, Wilmette, New Trier, and Skokie

• Provided K-12 Substitute education to mentally ill, special needs, and general education students in various subjects.

• Provided education, evaluated homework assignments and assisted students with lessons as needed.


Social Services Career Trainee

Illinois department of human services, Chicago IL

• Counseled and provided services to public aid applicants

• Determined applicant eligibility for food stamps, medical insurance, and other

Related services.




Drug Counselor/Educator

Human Resource Development Institute, Chicago IL

• Facilitated groups and educated offenders on substance abuse.

• Conducted Drug Counselor group sessions in nursing homes, training facilities, and in the Sheriff Day reporting program.

• Counseled mentally ill clients.

• DSM-IV was utilized ASAM


Residential Advisor/ Case Manager

Salvation Army Community Correction Center, U.S. Department of Justice, Chicago IL

• Managed activities and service delivery for mentally ill residents.

• Provided service on an assigned caseload, from onset to completion of the program.

• Counseled residents regarding criminal justice issues.

• Provided counseling on employment and vocational training.


Training Specialist

Harold Washington College-Chicago Police Academy, Chicago IL

• Provided educational instruction to police cadets in-training at the Chicago Police Academy.

• Conducted communication, cultural diversity, and conflict management courses on domestic disturbances to police cadets.


Levy Security Consultants, Chicago IL

• Provided loss prevention services against theft.

• Provided security

• Assisted in conducting criminal investigations.


Parole Agent

Illinois Department of Corrections, Chicago IL

• Provided Supervision of inmates

• Provided counseling of inmates

• Provided investigation of inmates

• Provided case management of inmates

• Referred inmates to education, employment, and substance abuse programs.


Educational Consultant

Educational Design Associates, Chicago IL

• Provided assessment of law enforcement data for various federal agencies.

• Provided training and development services in Staff Development and Stress Management.


Mayor’s Office of Employment and Training, Chicago IL

• Provided training orientation of youth for assessment in vocational skills and employment projects.

• Provided employment counseling for youth.


Training Specialist

Chicago City Colleges, Chicago IL

• Conducted testing for program admissions

• Provided academic advice and counsel

• Conducted orientation for incoming students

• Provided referral services as required, to public agencies

• Assisted with conducting vocational counseling sessions, workshops and student recruitment.

• Conducted intensive educational training and counseling in vocational sheltered workshops for the mentally ill in math, reading, English, and social studies.


Probation/Parole Officer

Florida Department of Corrections, Miami Florida

• Provided counseling to parolees and probationers.

• Provided vocational, employment, drug and alcohol care, case management, and educational referral and counseling.

• Prepared weekly, monthly activity progress reports.

• Conducted face to face interviews.

• Prepared pre-sentence and post sentence investigations.

• Made regular court appearances regarding civil and criminal matters.


Case Manager/Correctional Treatment Specialist/Correctional Officer

U.S. Bureau of Prisons, Department of Justice, Milan Michigan and Chicago IL

• Provided counseling, advising, treatment, referring and monitoring of inmates treatment progress.

• Provided counseling for vocational skills, employment, drug and alcohol after care, parole, furlough, educational referral and institutional matters.

• Prepared weekly case management progress and classification reports.

• Made regular court appearances for criminal and civil matters.


Inspectional Services & Finance

U.S. Customs Service, Chicago IL

U.S. Department of the Treasury

• Performed accounts receivable of over $500,000 per year from international passengers at O’Hare airport.

• Audited import and export documents at Midway Airport.


U.S. Special Police, Federal Protective Services

U.S. General Services Administration, Chicago IL

• Provided security and protection for the U.S. government buildings and employees against various terrorist, sabotage, and criminal acts.

Assisted in criminal investigations.


United States Marine Corps, Infantry 0311

United States Marines-Graduated Honor Platoon.

Vietnam, California, Japan, Alaska, Hawaii,

Vietnam Combat Veteran.  Honorably Discharged.

Criminal Justice Affiliations

American Correctional Association

National Institute of Corrections

American Society of Criminal Justice

Community Outreach, Extra Curricular Activities and Services

Teaching Online to Students, 2006-2007 & 2008 to the Present. Microsoft Word 2003; and Windows 2000.


Served as the Vice-President for “Energy” which assisted poverty stricken youth in Chicago, Ill.  Fundraised and assisted in the everyday running of organizational tasks. Assisted in writing grants for “Energy,” requesting grant money from the federal government in the millions of dollars for projects for youth. I served in this position from {2004-2005}-{2009-2009


Served  on the Board of Directors for the YMCA in Bremerton, Washington. I assisted in planning, organizing, directing, and coordinating various tasks on a daily basis



Attended various criminal justice conferences and served on panels for the betterment of research and policy-making all over the country (2005-2007).


Served on the Board of Directors with the Safer Foundation in Chicago, Illinois. As a board member, I ensured that there were an adequate number of educational specialists teaching general educational development courses at Cook County Jail and other security settings where inmates were housed.  I also ensured that there were appropriate curriculum content, and other educational materials are readily available for professional staff to utilize in providing the appropriate education to incarcerated inmates. The educational staff were exclusively volunteers from the private sector (2009-2009).


Served as Chairman for “Professional Growth” as part of Accreditation Council for Independent Colleges and Schools for Taylor Business Institute (2009-2009)


Participated and served on the Taylor Business Institute’s self-study for Accreditation Council for Independent Schools and Colleges (ACICS) 2009-2009.


Served on Olympic College’s Lead on Criminal Justice Advisory Committee in Bremerton, Washington from 2005-2007.


Rewrote the entire “Criminal Justice Curriculum” at Olympic College in Bremerton, Washington (2006).


Served as Chairman of Criminal Justice Advisory Committee at Taylor Business Institute in Chicago, Illinois from 2008-2009.


Wrote:  Ph.D. Dissertation in Library of Congress at the Union Institute and University, Titled “What are the Economic Feasibility and Social Impacts on

Privatized Prisons in America?,” in 2002.


“Publications done: Prison Privatization in America: Costs and Benefits.” 2011


“Coping with Stress and Building Leadership: One Man’s Journey.” 2011



Served on Doctoral Committee at Union Institute & University for one learner from



Chairman of Service Learning: Service learning at Taylor Business Institute is defined as a teaching method that enriches learning by empowering students through meaningful service that benefit the common good, expressing when and as possible the concerns of the communities from which Taylor Business Institute students come.  Service Learning must be coordinated and structured by the college. It is an activity that is integrated into influences the life-long learning of Taylor Business Institute’s students. Service Learning must have a component and an articulated learning outcome. Under the criminal justice and security administration curriculum, terrorism is the course that Service Learning will be used by the Institute



Attended a Workshop on “Understanding and Undergirding the Underserved.” Given by: Kimberly D. Thomas. This Workshop gave reflections on different learning styles,

motivation of students, cultural diversity, and the underserved student. Held at the Taylor Business Institute, Chicago, Illinois on May 19, 2009. (Faculty In-Service)


Night Dean: I was the night Dean at Taylor Business Institute. The duties for this position entailed assisting the Institute’s Academic dean.  I advised, counseled, and assisted in the registration of incoming students. I supervised various staff members in all courses in carrying out their duties. I served as the substitute instructor for different disciplines when instructors are absent.  I opened and closed the Institute. I did other duties as assigned by the president and dean of academic affairs at the Institute(2008-2009).


Served as an advisor on the advisory board for Taylor Business Institute in nominating our “Best Students” scholastically to The Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society



Served on Taylor Business Institute’s Building Safety Committee.  This Committee is responsible for ensuring that the campus grounds for students and faculty is safe and secure on a regular basis (2009-2009).


Journal of Offender Rehabilitation: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, The Haworth Press, Inc., 325 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106. This is a multidisciplinary

Journal of innovation in research, services and programs in criminal justice and


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