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Entrepreneur, author, business leader, educator, and motivational speaker, Ph.D, FAIS

I started GM&M Motivational Speaking & Training in Augusta ga in 2011. AIS- Dr. Melvin Mahone is a Fellow and a Contributing Editor for the American Institute of Stress Combat Stress and Contentment Magazine. Dr. Melvin Mahone is also a member of the Augusta Toastmasters, Club 326. I educate my consumers about the two books that I published: Coping With Stress and Building Leadership: One Man’s Journey. I wrote and published my second book Prison Privatization in America: Costs & Benefits. I speak on other subjects on how to conduct yourself when stopped by a policeman in traffic. I speak on the platform of the Small Business Administration: How to start a business. I also speak on Bullying and Cyber-Bullying. I contribute with no charge to the Richmond County Public Schools motivational speaking on bullying. I do keynote speaking. I do breakout speaking sessions on various conversational sessions on different topics.

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"Dr. Mahone’s literaries were very well- written and provided long leadership skills developed in Augusta ga.  Dr. Mahone on his journey through his life in hard times and struggles. His struggles were explained how he survived in Vietnam. He distributed intellectual affirmations. His accomplishments in prison included being a correctional officer to a management and correctional officer etc.

I think everyone should acquire his 2 books. ‘’Coping With Stress and Building Leadership Skills … One Man’s Journey’’ including ‘’Prison Privatization In America’’. I would like my gratefulness to reach Dr. Mahone and hope this letter would inspire him to keep up the good work."

Lawrence Freeman

I am proud to offer my testimonial on the behalf of Dr. Mel Mahone too whom I have known for about year. I have had the pleasure of taking several of Dr. Mahone classes in the past year. My experience with this Professor has been eye opening, life changing, and career motivated as

Sociology with emphasis in Criminology major. His lectures, teaches, and cares about the student ability to grasp the information is outstanding. It mean’s so much to me and other student’s that need that push from professor. Dr. Mahone has always presented himself with

levelheadedness, Professionalism, and determination.

Olivia Butler

My name is Raven Williams and I recently graduated from Paine College this month. I majored in psychology so therefore in order to graduate in that field you have to take some sociology classes, and that’s when I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Melvin Mahone as being my professor. I think everyone should encounter being around Dr. Mahone, whether its him being a professor, friend, or colleague. He is just a great person that will make an impact on your life without him trying to.

Raven Williams

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